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Course information

A1.1 - Beginners


The tutor for this course is a native speaker. The tutor is highly experienced in teaching the language.

 For further details, please get in touch with us prior to any enrolment.

Length and duration of the course

12 weeks x 2 hours/session, once a week.

Please note: to suit parents /guardians, there is no class during half term. 


Course Aims

The aim of the course is to enable you to communicate confidently and effectively with French speakers in everyday situations. You will be equipped with a grounding in French grammar and learn more about French culture.

Learning Outcomes

The course focuses on practical, contemporary spoken French. Reading, listening and writing skills will also be covered during the course. The teacher will adapt the class material to suit the students' needs and interests.

Topics covered are those which are useful to a visitor to France who wants to cope in everyday situations, such as ordering food and drink, shopping at a market, booking accommodation and tickets and finding the way.

You will also be equipped with a grounding in French grammar. Our aim is to tailor the grammar to the students' needs and make it as relevant as possible to their spoken French.

Is previous knowledge important to enrol for this course?

No. This course is meant for complete beginners or learners with a very limited prior knowledge of the language.

How will I learn?

The online course will be taught by a qualified and experienced teacher on Zoom.

The language will be taught in a dynamic, interactive and stimulating way, with a strong emphasis on putting new knowledge into practice through group and pair work.

You will be expected to complete some homework tasks.

What options do I have after completing this class?

After completing this beginners' class, you will be able to join a follow-on course where you will be able to continue learning French and develop your language skills

What materials or equipment will I need?

All course materials will be provided, but learners might find BBC Talk French a useful resource for practice.

There is no need to buy this before the course actually starts. Just keep a notebook and a pen during the session. All the details about the connexion will be given before the lesson.

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