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​Course information

B2 - Advanced

Length and duration of the course  

30 weeks x 2 hour/session 

Course Aims  

The objective of the course is to provide the learners with a solid proficiency level in French using linguistic and cultural material. The course will enable students to describe and discuss current social, environmental and political issues. Grammar topics will be tailored to the students' needs on request. 

Learning Outcomes  

The 4 skills – speaking, reading, listening and writing – will be covered. You will be encouraged to express your point of view. 

The teacher will adapt the class material to suit the students' needs and interests.  

Is previous knowledge important to enrol for this course?  

Yes, you need to have a good grasp of basic grammatical concepts (present, future & past tenses), as well as a sound vocabulary range. 

How will I learn?  

The classroom-based course will be taught by a qualified teacher who is also a native speaker of French. Sessions focus on oral participation in group, pair as well as individual formats. Students will have plenty of opportunity to practise their oral, listening and reading skills through fun, interactive activities. Writing skills are expected to be practised in the students’ own time in the form of “take away” tasks given each week. These can be submitted to the teacher by email and will be discussed if necessary the following week in class. These homework tasks are not compulsory but are strongly encouraged to help progress. 

What options do I have after completing this class? 

After completing this course, you might want to enroll on the advanced class to further develop your linguistic proficiency. 

What materials or equipment will I need?  

There is no text book for this course. Instead your teacher will provide their own material, including articles and videos from the press. Just bring a notebook and a pen. 

We have Wi-Fi in the classroom so you can bring your own iPad or laptop. 

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