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Course information

A2 - Improvers

Length and duration of the course  

30 weeks x 2 hour/session 

Course Aims  

This course will enable you to understand isolated sentences and frequently used expressions related to areas of high personal relevance. You will be able to take part in simple exchanges of information on familiar and routine matters and express opinions and feelings.  

Learning Outcomes  

The four skills – speaking, reading, listening and writing – will be covered. You will be encouraged to express your point of view.  


The teacher will adapt the class material to suit the students' needs and interests. We will also keep the focus on French culture and grammar.  

Is previous knowledge important to enrol for this course?  

Yes, you must have basic vocabulary and be able to interact in a simple way & to speak about yourself and the immediate environment.  


How will I learn?  

The classroom-based course will be taught by a qualified teacher who is also a native speaker of French. The language will be taught in a dynamic, interactive and stimulating way, with a strong emphasis on putting new knowledge into practice through group and pair work.  

You will be expected to complete some homework tasks.  

What options do I have after completing this class? 

After completing this class, you will be able to join a follow-on course where you will be able to continue learning French and develop your language skills.  

What materials or equipment will I need?  

The teacher will let you know the book to buy on the first lesson, so all you need to bring on the first lesson is a notebook and a pen.  

We have Wi-Fi in the classroom so you can bring your own iPad or laptop. 

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