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Alliance Française network in the UK


  • South Bank Community Cinema at Clements Hall, York

  • Culturethèque - a website with lots of films, stories, music in French

  • TV5Mondeplus - Access a large choice of Francophone content available everywhere, anytime and with English subtitles on the new Tv5mondeplus platform!
    You can now watch and enjoy an unlimited number of movies, series, documentaries, reports and much more for free!

Information about the CECR (Cadre Europeen Commun de Référence)

  • CoE (Francais)

  • CoE (English)

Consul honoraire de la région de LEEDS

Mme Stéphanie DAWSON

Agence Consulaire :

New Station Street
Leeds LS1 4JB

Téléphone (Urgence uniquement): (+44) 07557 230491

Other groups


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